Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Miracle of Rising Above Lies

Sometime amazing happened as I painted at the Prophetic Conference at Living Stone Christian Church last month -- something far beyond anything I could have imagined. As I brought the images to life that the Holy Spirit had placed on my heart to draw, the Lord began to break deep-rooted lies in my life -- things that I thought I had dealt with. But there was another level of freedom HE was bringing me to.

As a child I loved art, and wanted to be an artist when I grew up. But adults discouraged my dream. They said art was a frivolous luxury for the rich -- nothing important -- just a decoration -- not anything useful -- and nothing anyone could make a living out of. Three times in my life I walked away from art. Three times the Lord brought me back. Slowly, I began to see that the Lord had a purpose for His artists, and that the gifts HE gave us were meant to be developed and used as the Holy Spirit directed.

So I began to illustrate, paint and create art books with Jesus leading the way! And I saw time and time again, how the Holy Spirit moved with loving-kindness when hurting people saw the art HE prompted me to make. But at this Prophetic Conference, as people came forward and expressed how they were touched by what the Lord gave me to paint, the Light of God and the Truth of His Word seeped deeper into those dark, hidden, secret places in my heart, and God’s love rooted out the pain from my past. A new freedom and a greater understanding permeated my entire being. The taste of freedom was in my heart and in my hands. I felt light, uplifted, and FREE to be the artist HE called me to be!

So don’t be discouraged and think the talent or gift you have isn’t valuable. It is! And so are you! Jesus Christ has a plan and purpose for you that is greater than anything your mind can conjure. Seek Him first, and HE will bless you with a plan for your life that is written in Light -- the Light of Truth that breaks every lie, every hurt, every wound, every curse, and sets the captives FREE!  

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  1. Thank you, Lynn! I was going to share with you my expressive art therapy picture, called "The Dumbo Myth". I was venting because knowing the half truth, people are not impressed much with "flying elephants" because there are so many today, and they all compete. I prayed about it drew the conclusive image now that God gave me the whole of it. It was the enduring flying elephant that kept on going through storms and droughts that finally succeeded. So it is not merely skill, but persistence and endurance that matters.