Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Miracle of Answered Prayer

Taking a class in paper collage opened a new door for me. At first, I found it fascinating, but wasn’t happy with the piece of art I created. So at home, I experimented with making different effects from small pieces of paper that I tore out of magazine photos. Transitioning one set of colors into another became fun, and the more I played with the paper and glue, the more I saw the potential for this technique to become a fun workshop to share with others. So in January I offered a “Growing your Faith through Art” workshop using torn paper.

One of the local galleries was offering a paper competition in March. It was a juried show, and I wondered if I would have time to create a piece of art before the deadline. My schedule was too tight, so I asked the Holy Spirit to help me create something beautiful during the workshop that I would be teaching in January. The workshop started, and I showed the attendees various ways to work with torn paper. They dove into the project with eagerness. Then I started making a piece of art, along with them. After they finished their art and went home, I was surprised at the way my picture was turning out, and decided to continue working on it – refining it, redoing sections, and adding new things. 

After it dried, I showed it to my husband, and he liked it. Different people who stopped by the house also made positive comments about it. So I decided to enter it into the paper competition. Two weeks later, I received an email saying it was accepted! Thank you, Holy Spirit, for enabling me to come up with an acceptable piece of art during the only time slot that I had to work on it. To me, this was a miracle!

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