Friday, August 5, 2016

The Miracle of Praying for Someone Else When we are in Need!

It had been an exhausting week, working late into the nights, to get ready for the arts conference. My eyes could barely stay open, but in less than 30 minutes, I needed to paint on-stage during the worship time, and then give an on-stage presentation. I needed divine strength to keep going, so I found the prayer room at the conference and asked the lady, who was in charge, for prayer. She happily prayed for my situation and told me to close my eyes and rest. That was great advice, as I felt like I could just fall asleep. A few minutes later, the lady asked if I would pray for her –- for a situation that had come into her life in the past hour. My body wanted to remain silent and rest, but my spirit knew that we must always be ready to pray in any situation, so I said, “Yes.” After I prayed for her, in the name of Jesus Christ, it was time to get ready to paint. I stood up to leave, and as I walked through the doorway, a sudden refreshing and strengthening fell upon me. I felt revived and full of energy. I turned around to tell the prayer lady what had just happened. We rejoiced and thanked the Lord and both knew that when we pray for someone else in our time of need, Jesus Christ not only blesses the other person, but also us.

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