Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Miracle of the Roaring Train

When the Lord, Jesus Christ, calls us to do something, and we step out in doing it, HE does amazing, and sometimes miraculous things.

On the opening night of the 2015 Karitos Christian Arts Conference Retreat, I gave a short, 10-minute presentation, using images that were projected on a huge screen that took up most of the stage. In preparation for this presentation, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to use a piece of train art for the last slide. Then HE led me to add movement to the train art, and while it was being shown, to release words HE had given me several years earlier. 

When I came to the part, “Unleash the Holy Spirit within you! Yield to God’s ways and you will hear the rumble and roar of Heaven…” a train zoomed past Barrows Auditorium. People inside heard its rumble and roar. Even the stage manager stopped the presentation momentarily, to rejoice in what the Lord just did, and to make sure everyone knew that the noise they just heard was the train rushing by!

So when the Lord God asks you to do something, don’t be afraid to step out. If sound effects are needed, HE will add them! And if God wants a part of the presentation to be emphasized, HE will do that too! 

All honor and glory and praise to Jesus Christ!

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