Monday, October 13, 2014

The Miracle of a Healed Shoulder

A number of years ago, I lost some movement in my left arm. The doctor x-rayed the shoulder, told me there were calcium deposits on the bones, and said I would never have full movement of my arm again. 

I asked for prayer from my Christian friends, and went to a mid-week healing service at a local church. In previous services, I had seen other people headed and had also received a healing myself. But this time, nothing happened. After two months with no improvement, it appeared that I had to learn to live with the difficulty of pulling sweaters over my head using only one arm.

Six months later, I continued to go to the same Christian healing service. And one evening, the Lord prompted the leader to do something different. He told us to find a partner to pray with and led us in a series of amazing prayers. 

First, he told us to pray that we would commit ourselves to Jesus, confess our waywardness, and forgive others. Then he told us to repent of things we’ve done or gotten into that were in opposition to God, including things like having our palms read. Then we prayed for healing of our spirit and soul, and wounds that were caused by negative attitudes or unwholesome talk. It was very moving and wonderful evening. 

Near the end of the service, the leader said the Lord wanted to do physical healing, and that we should pray for that. Again, nothing happened. But the next morning, when I went to lift my arm in the shower, it went straight up! Jesus Christ healed my shoulder completely! It became fully functional, and continues to remain healed today.

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