Friday, February 21, 2014

An Evening of Miracles

Two weeks ago, I attended at special mid-week healing event at Living Stone Christian Church in Aurora, Illinois. The pastor gave us an eye-opening, in-depth understanding of Isaiah 53. He also explained that all Scripture verses on healing are either present (By Christ’s stripes you are healed) or past (By Christ’s stripes you were healed) because Jesus Christ bore all our sin, diseases and mental anguish on the cross, so we don’t have to carry them.

At the end of the evening, the pastor asked us to stand up and agree with the Word of God, if we believed what the Bible said was true. Everyone stood up. Everyone agreed with God’s Word. Then he asked us how many people were healed. The majority of the people raised their hands and started giving testimonies.

That evening, I understand the power of agreeing with God’s Word, as I listened to the many miraculous healings. The next morning, I discovered that I, too, was healed!

Jesus Christ is truly a gift – a present from God.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Miracle of Snow!

Only a highly creative God could design water with properties that turn liquid into ice crystals when temperature drops. Only a wise, imaginative God can create a fluffy white blanket that not only buffers the ground and delicate plants from frigid air, but also lightens and brightens young hearts with a substance to sled upon and make snowmen.

Have you ever thought what kind of mind it takes to create a frozen substance that easily blows in the wind, packs tightly enough to make blocks for an igloo, and crunches loudly beneath our feet? Have you ever thought that snow might be a gift, a means, or a way to slow down, to practice quietness, or to be amazed at something beyond our control?

How often do we marvel at the splendor of the sparkling crystals that twinkle in delight when the sun shines upon them? Or ponder on the symphony of softness as snowflakes descend from the sky?  Or enjoy a winter walk through an opened field or sleepy forest? Or follow tracks left in the snow? How often do we embrace a snowfall as an opportunity to step out of our normal, everyday schedules to enter the wonderment of winter?

The mysteries of life are never solved in the busyness of life, but rather discovered in the forced moments of quietness that connect us with nature and with God.  An abundance of beauty and peace surrounds us when we open our eyes to perceive and our hearts receive, instead trying to squeeze more things into an over-packed day. May each snowfall become an opportunity for you to quiet your mind, lighten your load, and embrace the miracle happening around you.

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