Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Miracle of Walking in the Authority Christ has given us!

A sales lady at the other end of the phone started asking personal questions. I told her I wasn’t interested in what she was selling. She seemed anxious to get me to agree to receive information, just in case I might need help someday due to injury, illness or accident. I said, “No thank you,” and hung up the phone. I picked up the clothes that I had just folded, carried them upstairs to the bedroom, tripped over the edge of the bed, and went flying on the floor! As I stood up to walk, it became apparent that I had pulled my calf muscle. Ouch!

My first thought was: “Oh my, I won’t be able to go for the walk my husband and I had planned.” The second thought was: “What just happened is NOT from God! Therefore, because I am a follower of Jesus Christ, I do not have to agree with having a pulled muscle.” I started rubbing my leg, praising and thanking God, and renouncing any ill words or curses that may have been spoken over me. When I took my hand away, all the pain was gone! Then I bound ill words or word curses that the sales lady might speak, in the name of Jesus Christ, so she could not do this to anyone else!

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