Saturday, April 6, 2013

Paul, the Author

There is a great man, who is so tall,
He is a Lloyd and his name is Paul.
He works with words, and he makes them sing,
So as people read them, much delight they bring.

He writes a story; he writes a poem.
He strings his words, to make them come home,
Through witty novels, both great and small,
Reflecting thoughts that are very, very tall.

Hearts are touched; minds are opened.
When his stories are shared, people receive tokens,
That takes them places,
On adventurous trains,
Beyond imagination, through the wild wind and rain.

He scares them with drama; he soothes their curious souls,
As they follows his characters, pursuing their goals.
He shows them great hope, then he lets them fall down,
As he twists the plot, and turned things around.

He makes readers wonder; he helps them to be wise,
He shows them a trail to follow, that helps them realize,
That stories can be strengthening, and also entertain,
That journeys should be joyful, and life a marvelous game.

Take time to bless the good people that the Lord places in your life, and remember to pray for those who cause stress.

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