Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We Are Valuable

A quiet morning,
A cloud-covered sky,

A sweet softness,
I wonder why?

Birds singing softly,
Clouds standing still,
There's a hush over nature,

What is God's will?

A breeze stirs the treetops,

It rustles the leaves,

Which clap for a moment,

What does God see?

Great joy in His Creation,

Musicians with new songs,

Artists painting pictures,

Praising Him all day long.

Believers are arising,
With a dance in their feet,

Giving glory to Jesus,

Glowing as they meet...

...The Lord of Creation,
The Savior of the Earth,

Who walks with us daily,

And shows us our worth.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for showing us how valuable we are to You. Thank you for showing us that we are a treasure in your kingdom. You love us, and You reunite with our Heavenly Father. Thank you for atoning for our sins to make this possible.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Extraordinary Things

It's the ordinary things in life that become extraordinary when God touches them. He might take the gas in our car and stretch it to go twice as far during a financially challenged week. He might nudge us to bake some muffins and take them to a friend who we didn't know was in need of comfort. God might take a short story we've written or a piece of art we created just for fun and show us the deeper, hidden messages of His powerful love that need to be shared with others.

Our God wants to keep our jars of oil flowing. He wants to keep words of astonishment and gratitude on our lips. He wants us to yield to Him so He can use us to feed thousands. We don't have to think up something big or marvelous to do for the Lord. Jesus will use the things we already have — common items, like loaves and fishes — to show us the amazing things He can do.

Praise be to the Lord God Almighty who turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Praise be to Jesus Christ who takes us way beyond our imagination. Praise be to the Holy Spirit who is at work in our hearts, helping us to yearn for more of the Lord.

May we desire the extraordinary to be part of our everyday existence. May we yield to Jesus Christ in all things. May we feel enthusiasm, excitement and zeal for our King rise within us, as God answers this prayer.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011


A hummingbird lingered near one of the high branches of the evergreen tree. Its quick movements caught my eye as it circled the same spot, moving up, down, sideways, and back and forth. Then it stood almost motionless in the air for a few seconds, and darted away.

Seeing the tiny bird brought a spark of hope to my heavy heart. It was a reminder that God hears my prayers and that He is with me in times of sorrow. So I welcomed the joy of that moment, taking delight in watching the little bird and knowing that the Lord delights in and watches over me. It was also a reminder to let God comfort me and to receive the smile that followed.

I must never forget that the sweet nectar of God's love is always available twenty-four/seven. Like the tiny hummingbird, I can linger in God's goodness and grace. I can release my cares to Jesus and bask in the light of His promises. And I can know, without a doubt, that God is with me and will never leave or forsake me.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Better Way

It's easy to focus on our mistakes and the mistakes of others. Our nature and our culture gravitates towards criticism, critiquing, fault-finding, and dwelling on missed opportunities. This is especially true when family and friends take pride in pointing out everything wrong that we do.

But there is a better, happier, and more exuberant way to live. We can choose to take a stand against our natural inclinations and encourage others, even though people have discouraged us. We can smile, even when others have frowned at us, because we know that God loves us. And we can practice remembering the good things, instead of focusing on the bad, because we are called to take our thoughts captive.

Too often in life, we wait for good things to happen to us instead of actively seeking to do good. We wait for God to move powerfully in our lives instead of looking to see His Hand at work and asking Him to open our eyes and hearts so we can be part of His plan. For when we seek we will find if we don't give up. When we allow Jesus Christ to transform our way of thinking we begin to experience a new freedom that loosens our bonds to negativity. We discover that we can celebrate life despite all that is going wrong around us. We discover that we can be happy because the joy of Jesus is our strength.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

What Are We Looking For?

Is that a blue sky on the horizon? No, it's just bluish clouds hiding behind the tall trees. When we want something so much, we begin to look for it. And as we begin to look, we sometimes think we see it. But as we take a closer look, we discover that is isn't what we are looking for.

Never give up. Scripture says to seek and you will find. It's the persistence that makes the difference. It's the perseverance in both hope and action that brings us to where we need to be.

As we step forward, seeking to strengthen our relationships, wanting to communicate more kindly with others, developing our skills and talents, learning the new language of our ever-changing world, we find ourselves becoming overwhelmed. We wonder if those bluish clouds will ever turn into a blue sky. But as we set our hearts on Jesus Christ, and do whatever it takes to know Him better, we discover that He is the One who brings our blue sky into full view.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Light Cheers People Up

It's amazing how happy I felt after opening the curtains and seeing the early morning sun shine through the thick, tree covering. Seeing some of the lower branches glimmer in the sun's rays made my heart leap for joy!

What is it about light that makes people so happy? I don't know the full answer, but I do know that light brings cheerfulness to my inner being and darkness doesn't. Therefore, I need to learn to stop focusing on the shadows around me. Staring into the dark areas never brings clarity of vision, so my eyes need to get off them. Hanging onto "what if" is a bad idea, too. Dwelling on what should have happened or could have happened is not only time waster, but also drags me down. Making more room in my too-busy schedule for more of God's light is another great idea because when I loose sight of His light I find myself stressed, over committed, and overwhelmed.

Holy Spirit, help me to ignore the shadows that vie for my attention and step into your light. Enable me to become more aware of your presence, Jesus Christ, and welcome more of your love, your power, and the quietness that Your light bring to my soul. I want to be like the tree that stands in majestic stillness to bask in the light of your mighty love.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Truth and Deception

Deception tries to cloud the truth, play down victories, and discourage honest endeavors. Deception tells me that I will never change, that I am prone to failure, and that my old ways and bad habits are just something I have to live with. Deception says I am trapped and confined to ways of my family and to the ways of the people around me. Deception lies! The truth is: I am free to be all that God calls me to be when I trust in Jesus!

Through Jesus Christ, I am dead to the ways of the world and alive to Him.
I can seek truth, know truth, speak truth and live in truth. Through Jesus, I can accomplish everything God tells me to do. For my Heavenly Father has blessed me in the Heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus, and this is a scriptural promise. God the Father does the same for everyone who trusts in His Son.

Alleluia! We are new creations! The old is gone! The new has come! Our past no longer has a hold on us! Our mistakes cannot tie us down. We are forgiven and blessed by the Creator of the Universe! We are no longer bound to the ways of the world or by what people say to us. God is for us! His Holy Spirit lives in us. Through Jesus Christ, we have all that we need.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Bird Choir

Early every morning, the birds sing cheerfully outside my window, but today, one song resonated high above all the others. It was the song of the robin. He was singing so sweetly, so powerfully, and so joyfully, I had to stop and listen. His voice was clear and crisp. It had a boldness to it. It echoed confidence. The bird had a song to sing and it sang it loud and clear.

The robin reminded me that I have a song, too — a song of praise to the Lord. My voice is not beautiful, like the robin's, but that doesn't matter. The question is, "Will I be willing to join in with the birds in praising God?" As I pondered this thought, a pee wee joined the chorus. Other birds added their songs, too. Some high, some low. Some reverberating, others with quick stops and starts. It was an orchestra of praise to the Creator of the Universe.

A tinge of excitement seeped into my heart at the thought of singing with the birds. I couldn't resist any longer, and entered in with a melody of thanksgiving. Afterwards, a stillness came upon me. And with it, a lovely peace. So I sat quietly, while the birds continued their symphony. As I abided in Jesus Christ, a sweet calmness filled my whole being. It was a lovely rest, a welcomed respite, and a much needed time of tranquility. By God's grace, I was strengthened and refreshed for the busy day.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inner Longing

What is it about sun bathing that we desperately want, other than receiving a tan? Do we enjoy the feeling of the hot sun on our skin? Does the warmth from the sun's rays reflect an inner yearning for the warmth of God's love? When we seek to immerse our bodies in the sun, are we really seeking to immerse ourselves in the Son?

Cry out for the hidden longings in the heart — for there is a deep hunger within each of us for more of the Lord. On busy days, this longing is almost unnoticeable. But in those moments when life slows down and we feel that something is missing, or that there must be more to life, we are feeling a nudge from the Lord to step closer to Jesus Christ.

O Holy God, immerse me in the warmth of your mighty love. Saturate me with your goodness and grace. Draw me closer to your heart. Make me more aware of your presence. Turn my heart and my thoughts towards You. Help me enter the quietness of your holiness. I need more of You. I want to bask in your Light.

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