Friday, August 7, 2015

The Miracle of God’s Wonder

Upon opening the curtains early this morning, stillness and quietude greeted me. There was no breeze, the trees were standing in reverent silence, and the clouds barely moved across the sky. It felt like an invitation to be still and know that God is God.

So I sat on the floor to be closer to the opened window and feel the fresh air seeping in. Words to a poem came to mind. As I finished writing the last line and looked outside, shades of pastel pink highlighted the clouds. I felt the warm smile of Jesus Christ. It was like Him saying, “Out of stillness in ME, comes rest and beauty.”

Desiring to step into the beauty of His wonder, I found my shoes, grabbed my camera, and dashed outside. How glorious was the huge, colorful sky! Strokes of pink daubed each cloud. These strokes were brilliantly placed to emphasize God’s delight in painting the sky to give us a joyful, dramatic, “Welcome to a new day,” sky show! 

How spectacular is the Lord our God, who places beauty in the sky, on the land, and at sea, and then invites us to enjoy and take part in what He created!

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