Friday, March 7, 2014

The Miracle of Hot Water

One of my friends would be driving a long way, to attend the same conference I was going to. I was so excited that she would also be staying overnight at my house. The day before the conference, the water heater died. My husband called the repair man, who said he would come the following afternoon. Perfect! There would be hot water when my friend and I returned home after a long day of hearing speakers and taking notes.

When we stepped through the door, after the first day of the conference, my husband said there was good news and bad news. The good news was the repair man came. The bad news was he needed to order a part that would take five days to be shipped to us. The repair man was able to reset the water heater so we had some “warm” water. I prayed to the Lord that there would be hot water for my guest and that I would also be able to get a shower.

The next morning, both of us were not only able to shower, but we had hot showers, and happily drove back to the conference feeling clean and refreshed. When the conference ended, I said goodbye to my friend and returned home.
But the next four days, my husband and I were barely able to take a quick “warm” shower before the water turned cold. Then I realized that the Lord had given us a miracle. HE allowed our guest to have hot water to shower with. Praise the Lord! For Jesus Christ is never short on miracles.

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