Thursday, March 12, 2015

Knee Miracle

For several months, my knees ached during the night if I slept in one position too long. I would feel the pain in my sleep and then roll over. One morning, the left knee felt particularly odd. I had no problem walking across the floor. But when I placed my weight on the leg to go down the steps, it hurt like crazy, and attempting to come back up the steps was even more painful. This was a problem because most days I go up and down the steps frequently, from the kitchen to the upstairs bathroom, and from my computer and work area downstairs to the supplies stored upstairs.

I praised the Lord, because HE had work for me to do and because my work required using my knees, and then tried to go through the daily routine. But it soon became clear that the knee needed no pressure on it from tackling the steps. So I sat, stood or walked gently as much as possible.

The knee slowly improved over the next few days, but still gave me problems on Sunday. So after the church service ended, I approached the prayer team. Two wonderful ladies prayed not only for the sore knee, but also for both knees and against the bone spurs that showed up on an x-ray of a sprained ankle a year earlier. One of the ladies said she saw an image of me leaping for joy! How exciting! My bones would be rejoicing in Jesus!

Over the next two days, the Lord healed my sore knee completely, and also enabled me to sleep with no ache in the knees during the night. Alleluia! Praise Jesus Christ! By HIS strips we are healed.

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