Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Miracle of the Healed Knees

Last month, as the weather turned colder, both of my knees stiffened up. The daily walks seemed to make the stiffness worse, not better. Then one morning, after some friends left, I turned to clean off the table, and pain shot through one knee! It really hurt if I tried to stand on it. Then next day it felt somewhat better. Maybe I was just getting out of shape, so that evening I tried some floor exercises -- wrong decision. That only made it worse.

Several of my friends were praying for me, and by the end of the week I could walk on flat surfaces, but steps were still a challenge. This was a problem, because the next day, Sunday, an All Artist Church Service was planned, and I was the person who would be going up and down the steps introducing the other artists. That Saturday evening, as I slowly climbed the stairs in my home, a sudden “strengthening” came upon both knees -- something I had never experience before! I knew at that moment, Jesus Christ had touched my knees. The next day, I was able to walk normal.

After the Artist Service, the pastor allowed us artists to pray for people. One lady had problems with her knees. A group of us surrounded her with prayer, and the Holy Spirit healed her knees, too! Thank you, Jesus Christ, for not only healing me, but also the opportunity to prayer for someone else with a knee problem and see You heal that person, too.

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