Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Miracle of Stepping into the Anointing

The practicing of the presentation didn’t go well. Words that should have flowed like a gentle river, stumbled out of my mouth and tripped over themselves. The introduction sounded too bland, and the ending needed impact. No matter how many times I rewrote and practiced the script, it wasn’t coming out right.

The next morning I went over the materials again. Something just wasn’t right. Maybe I needed to
practice in the auditorium where the talk would be given. So I called the person in charge of stage management to see if I there was time to rehearse on stage that afternoon. All the slots were taken with dancers and musicians coordinating their efforts for the opening celebration of the Karitos Christian Arts Conference. But the person I talked with gave me the most encouraging words. She told me to just walk into the anointing.

That evening, as I waited behind the curtains, with a microphone in hand, the Holy Spirit gave me a new idea of how to start and end my talk on prophetic art. Seconds later, I stepped onto the stage, opened my mouth and began to speak. Immediately, there was a connection between what I said and the audience. Joy abounded as I realized what was happening was a team effort – God the Father and me, working together to relay the message HE wanted HIS artists to hear.

Now I understand the power of stepping into the anointing. We aren’t meant to do what Jesus tells us to do all by ourselves. HE wants us to implement HIS will with us, empowering us, accompanying us, and leading the way. And HE is doing this with JOY!

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