Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's Gifts

Beautiful sunny days,
Lovely pink flowers,
Gifts from a loving God,
For this special hour.

A double dose of love
Streaming from Heaven above,
To brighten up your day,
And bless you along the way.

By Lynn Zuk-Lloyd
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Awaken Me

"Awaken me!" is a great cry of the heart. I used to wonder how the Lord could possibly love someone like me. Time and time again, I failed God. Then one day, Jesus awakened my heart. He enabled me to hear and receive the words, “I love you.” Those three words changed my life. They brought freedom, victory, and excitement to my inner being. I wanted to jump up and shout for joy! God loved me! For days, I walked around in the truth, celebrating the amazement of God awakening me to His mighty love. Rejoice and be happy, because God's great love is for you, too.

Lord Jesus, awaken me to who I am in You.
Let me see myself as a child of the Living God.
Help me to receive the blessings You bestow upon me.
Enable me to rejoice in the victory of the cross.
Show me how to be reverent before You.

Open my eyes to your realm of glory.
Give me understanding.
I cannot fathom the immenseness of your eternal love.
Your commitment to me is astonishing.
Your longing to restore me to Yourself never ceases.
Your desire to make me holy never diminishes.
Your power to deliver me never wanes.
Your kindness goes far beyond my ability to reason.
Your patience outweighs anything that I can imagine.

O God of infinite beauty, bring me into your light.
O God of eternal goodness, cleanse my heart that I may look up, and You in your glory.
Consumed me with your mighty love, O God, and let me be consumed with adoring You.
Awaken me to who YOU are.
I want to see the splendor of your beauty and know the greatness of your kingdom.
I want to marvel at the power of your Lordship and rejoice in the authority of your Name.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Early Morning Fog

The early morning fog fades out everything that is at a distance. It brings into clarity, that which is closest to me. Be close to me, Lord God.