Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Miracle of Understanding through Prophetic Art

The Lord can speak to our hearts through the art we create. And that is what happened with a doll I made out of tissue paper, at a transition art class. It was a fun project and I came home happy. But when I climbed into bed, worry and fear about a recent problem, invaded my thoughts. It was a restless night and I woke up feeling terrible. I knew that the only place to find refuge was in the Lord. As I sought His comfort and advice, Jesus brought my thoughts back to the tissue paper doll. He showed me that I was fragile, like the paper doll, and that was OK. I may be lacking, but He is more than sufficient for all my needs. And growth in Him, represented by the green cloak, comes as a result of the joy of Jesus that springs up from within – represented by the happy, yellow color of the doll’s dress that is hidden under the green cloak. The tissue paper doll is also carrying a golden Christmas poinsettia, showing that the Lord uses fragile containers to carry His glory.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your wisdom and understanding. Thank you, for Your assurance that You are with us and that we can face any problem together, with You leading the way. You are more capable and more powerful than any obstacle before us. And thank you for turning this doll art into a piece of prophetic art – something that You used to speak to my heart.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Living in Peace with Nature

When we wash our hands with soap, the germs become slippery. And when we rinse them off, the dirt and germs slide away with the bubbles. When we use anti-bacterial soaps or disinfectants, they kill the germs, but a few survive. These can become super germs. Whatever we try to subdue by killing, instead of peacefully ruling over it, will rise up against us. But, whatever we try to subdue by the wisdom, power and grace of God, will submit. For we are called to live in peace with one another, and that includes nature, too.

Friday, January 4, 2013

From Misfit to Accepted

We are all misfits in a broken world. We wander here and there, trying to find where we fit in. We search and search but do not find. We cannot find. It is beyond our capabilities. But HE who knows where we belong, finds us. HE stretches HIS Hand towards us and beckons us to come into the strong tower of HIS safety and protection. And in HIS tower we find comfort, nourishment and healing. In HIS tower we find that we are no longer rejected but accepted. We find that we fit. We fit into God’s perfect love and HIS perfect plan. For the Lord has made a way for us to be whole again. Through HIS Son, Jesus Christ, we are made complete.

May the wonder working miracles of God's power establish you in HIS amazing love that streches far beyond the universe.

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