Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Miracle of a Kind Act

Yesterday, the most amazing thing happened. Several of us women were praying for a lady who was going through a difficult time. Then one of the women pulled a ring off her finger, that she had recently purchased, and handed it to the lady who was receiving prayer. At first, the lady didn’t want to accept it, but the woman told her the Holy Spirit prompted her to give the ring, and that receiving from others helps us to receive from God.

Tears ran down the lady’s face as she placed the ring on her finger and gazed at the beauty of a single, white flower emerging from an intricate background of silver leaves and grass. She loved flowers and loved the ring’s design. This precious gift helped her to understand how precious she is to Yahweh and that God is with her as she goes through tough times. It also helped her to have a tangible reminder that every time darkness tries to set in, she can look at the ring and remember the precious gift of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and that HE loves her and is with her.

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