Thursday, March 18, 2010

Enjoy the Lord, even when the people around you don't.

Exuberant Joy

Someone brought happiness into my morning, took delight in me all day long, and filled me with joy in the evening. This happened on a day when the problems invading my life seemed to have no solution in sight. As my thoughts turned to Jesus, He surrounded me with an escalating joy. In the awesomeness of His love, peace engulfed me, assurance strengthened me, and delight filled my soul. Once again, I was reminded that it is God who carries my burdens, when I am willing to release them to Him.

Releasing burdens to the Lord is not easy. I want to hang onto my troubles, seek sympathy from others, and then solve the issues all by myself. This only leads to more difficulties until I get so overwhelmed that I have to cry out to Jesus for help. But it doesn’t need to be that way. God’s grace is always available to me, if and when I choose to let go of my burdens. And the joy and relief that comes when I give my struggles to the Lord is far greater than anything the world has to offer. What I need the most is more of Jesus.

It is You, Lord Jesus, who sustains and carries me.
It is You, who watches over and protects me.
It is You, who shields and defends me.
It is You, who brings me peace.

It is You, Lord Jesus, who has compassion for me.
It is You, who holds me close and comforts me.
It is You, binds up my wounds and strengthens me.
It is You, who gives me joy.

It is You, Lord Jesus, who enables and equips me.
It is You, who feeds and nourishes me.
It is You, who guides and directs me.
It is You, who cheers me on.
Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being an awesome God.

Lynn Zuk-Lloyd is an artist/author who portrays the love of God through art, poetry, praise and stories. Let her work lift you up and encourage you on