Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Miracle of Creating Something Beautiful

It started out as an ordinary day, until I attended a watercolor class by Rosie Martindale. Watercolor had always been my least favorite method of producing art. But that day, Rosie showed me something new. I learned how to watch special effects “appear” just by adding salt to the wet colors and nudging them to blend certain ways. Excitement sprung up, as I experimented with new techniques. Amazement filled my heart, as the images emerged. Joy surrounded my entire being, when I saw the end result. It was nothing short of a miracle!

The next day, all I wanted to do was create art. I could hardly wait to make things with the tools I had at hand. In an adrenalin rush of joy and excitement, I was also in awe of the Holy Spirit, who is calling forth art that honors both Him and His Kingdom! I marveled that the God the Father would enable us artists to create beautiful pictures. I rejoiced that the Creator of the Universe takes joy when we create art. And I celebrated the fact that Jesus Christ creates with us when we invite Him to do so. For He is the One who enables the colors to blend into the most remarkable ways to produce what is only possible through Him.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Miracle of Asking for Help

A group of us ladies, who knew we needed training, participated in a seminar called “Breaking Bondages to Set Captives Free.” Lois Koss, from Tree of Life Ministries, led the gathering. She spoke into the deep places in our hearts that needed to be ministered to. She gave us wisdom and understanding through Scriptural truths. She shared testimonies of Christ’s faithfulness and the joy of seeing Jesus set people free! Her enthusiasm, assurance and teachings about what God calls us to do, the authority HE commands us to walk in, and the resource she gave us to use, not only strengthened our faith, but also lifted our countenance. Hope arose within us. Doubts and lies were replaced with truth. Bondages were broken. One lady who suffered with severe back pain through most of the seminar was prayed for and went home feeling much better. We were given a new boldness in learning to step out in faith, and a reminder to rely on the Lord when ministering to others.

One of the participants said it was the most Holy Spirit infused, teaching, healing and equipping seminar. I agree, and thank Jesus Christ for the miracles that resulted from a simple act of asking for help in our moments of weakness. And I especially thank HIM for sending Lois Koss to open the door to new levels of the love and freedom we have in and through Jesus Christ.

For when we find ourselves in unexpected situations where there is deception and evil influences, wisdom calls us to recognize our own weaknesses and gain understanding in the ways of the Lord. And when we do this, HIS perfect love casts out all fear.

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