Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bone Spur Miracle

Hiking through the woods with my husband is always pleasant, and today’s walk was no different. On the way back to the car, I stopped to take some pictures as he continued walking. The sun shining through the trees made great shots, so I kept snapping photos. When I looked down the path, my husband was no longer in sight, so I hurried to catch up. As I rounded the curve, the path sloped to the right. I was in too much of a hurry to notice. As I stepped on the uneven ground, my ankle twisted outward. The Lord must have sent His angels to catch me, because I didn’t fall over. But pain radiated from my ankle.

Assuming it was just a bad sprain, I waited a few days for it to get better. The swelling decreased, but the bruising increased. Finally, I went to the doctor only to discover that a bone was fractured. 

A few years earlier, I had badly sprained the other ankle and when the x-ray was taken, bone spurs (osteoarthritis) showed up on the x-ray. The doctor had told me that this happens to older people and it was probably on all my bones. I expected to see bone spurs on the x-ray this time, too, but when the doctor showed me a close up photo of my ankle bones, they were spur-free and healthy-looking, except for the spot that was fractured. That’s when I remember that I had asked one of the elders at church for prayer about the bone spurs, and the two of us took authority over the disease and commanded the bone spurs to leave in the name of Jesus. This newer x-ray showed that the Lord had answered that prayer. Praise be to Jesus Christ, who gives us the authority to walk in HIS ways!
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