Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Miracle of God Providing a Way

One day, the Lord put on my heart not to draw what I saw realistically, but to capture the essence of the subject being drawn. This sounded wonderful, and I was excited about receiving insight from the Holy Spirit. But then the realization came, that I had no idea how to do this.
    Four years later, at the one of the Karitos Christian Arts Conferences, I attended a class about capturing the essence of what we draw. It was so eye-opening and marvelous. I sketched a rose with charcoal in a new way and the result made the flower look more alive than if I had drawn every detail.
    This was a miracle! The Lord had provided a way for me to grasp the wisdom HE had given me. It took my art, and the way I view art, to a whole new level. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ.

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