Thursday, December 20, 2012

Awaiting the Storm

Rain pounded hard against the roof of the house. The children wished it was snow. The adults were grateful it was rain. But uneasiness stirred in the household because everyone knew that later that day, the wind would shift, the temperature would drop and the rain would turn to ice, and then to snow.

Winter wonderlands are stunning to look at once the snow has settled into place and everyone is safe. But the dangerous conditions that precede this beauty can cause worry, fear, tension and anxiety. Nobody wants to be caught in the storm. No one wants to be cut off from help. Nobody wants to be injured.

So what do we do when we know the storm is approaching? Shelter and safety usually top the list. Food and clean water to drink comes next. But if we think beyond our immediate physical needs and remember the promises of the Lord, we will find peace in knowing that Christ is our Shelter, our Refuge, our Provider, and our Strength. He not only weathers the storms with us, but also protects us and provides for us. And as we turn our focus to Him, we become open to signs, wonders, miracles and other things that are beyond our imagination. For the Lord of the Universe has the power and the authority to lift us higher than the storm, to quiet our anxious thoughts, and to shelter us in His peace that surpasses all understanding. 

May the wonder working miracles of God's awesome love remove fear and doubts and surround you with courage and peace.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Heavenly Breeze

Soft light filters through the porthole-sized window. My husband reads a novel while I listen to the drone of the jet engine. It hums like a mechanical lullaby. I close my eyes and feel a sweet peacefulness encircling my weary body. God is with me and all is well. I breathe a sigh of relief as we fly through the sky high above a sea of ever-moving clouds.

Thank you, Lord God, for a time of rest. Thank you, Jesus Christ, for your Eternal Arms that never cease to hold me. You hold the entire world in your mighty Hands. And even when the passengers around me cough and sneeze, I know that I can inhale the holy air from your Heavenly breeze.

May the wonder working miracles of God's amazing grace lift you high above the worries that vie for your attention.

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