Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wind of Hope

How quiet my room is with the air-tight windows. Outside, the trees bend and sway with the wind. They toss back and forth by an invisible force, and should be making some noise, but I hear nothing. The windows that keep the hot and humid air outside, also quarantine the sound. Dare I open the window to listen to the breeze, and possibly hear the singing of the birds?

Yes! I step to the window and push it open. The gushing wind roars like the ocean waves. An image of the tide, ebbing and flowing, comes to mind. Though I live far from the ocean, the surf never ceases to fascinate me as it brings both water and music to a dry and weary land. The sound of this ocean-like wind comforts my heart as it reflects the power of God's Holy Spirit blowing life, guidance and direction into my life.

When the ears to my heart are closed to God's mighty love, I hear nothing. But when I open my heart, despite the fear, discomfort, and inconvenience of stepping outside of my comfort zone, I begin to enter a new world. I begin to become aware of hidden things, to awaken to a power beyond imagination, to step into the love, gladness and acceptance of God the Father's arms, and to be welcomed by the joy of Jesus Christ. The wind of God's Holy Spirit brings refreshing, renewal, and blessings.

Holy God, I need to hear your Voice. I am overwhelmed by the many tasks that lay before me. Forgive me for shutting You out. I need your guidance, direction, and strength. I need to cling to You, Lord Jesus, like the leaves clinging to the branches of the trees. The leaves reflect the security of your love as they are held in place by your faithfulness. The foliage reflects its confidence in your competence as it's tossed back and forth by the storms of life. The leaves remain green and growing because they are attached to the source of nutrients.

I need to be like those leaves, Heavenly Father. I need to stay attached to the Source of All Good Things. I need to stay attached to You — delighting in the Lord, rejoicing in your goodness, surrounded by your love, and walking in your light. Let me be totally reliant on You, Jesus Christ, so I may become a mighty oak in the power of your love.

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