Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Will you let your Heavenly Father, father you in 2011?

How will you begin this new year? Stressed and strained OR relaxed and rested? Weary and wondering OR refreshed and directed? Unsure and wishy washy OR confident and focused? What will you focus on? Will you use your same skill set or develop new ones? Will you rely solely on yourself or on others? Will you rely on God? Will you let your Heavenly Father, father you? He has much wisdom. His counsel is amazing. His results astonishing. His miracles worth mentioning. By the way, He is rich, too. But don't let that make you think God is stuffy or stingy -- no way! He is eager to share His wealth and distribute His riches to help pull people out of the pits. Plus, God is fun to be with. Have you ever laughed with your Heavenly Father or watched a winter sunrise with Him? Have you ever walked a mountain trail with God and let Him point out hidden treasures along the way? Have you ever seen the way He plays chess or kicks a soccer ball or plays hopscotch with the little ones? Have you ever felt Him cheer you on and root for you? Do you know His favorite color or favorite movie or favorite song? Do you know where God the Father likes to vacation or if He even takes a vacation? What do you know about your Heavenly Father? He is generous, kind, and loves to be with His children. He has wisdom and knowledge galore that He wants to share. He loves to surprise His children and takes delight when they discover new things. He loves hugs, loves to hold His kids on His lap, and listen to how their day went. He has secrets to share and loves one-on-one chit chats. He invites you to feast at His table, to dine in His presence, to relax over a cup of tea, and to warm yourself by His fire. He loves when people listen to Him talk and listen to the stories He likes to tell. He can tell you stories of past events that you never heard or stories of future things that haven't happened yet. He is writing a book, you know. A book about you and how you fit into His story. Do you want to hear it? He has special chapters dedicated to His mighty love for you, and His hope for you, and His delight in you. He has a beginning and an end. But the middle section, he wants to write with you, together. Will you write a book with God? Will you let your Heavenly Father take you on an unforgettable journey with more excitement than any enchanted forest? Will you sit with Him while He reads His parts and then invites you to fill in your parts? Will you let God be a real Daddy to you -- a perfect Daddy with a perfect heart, who has the power to give you the true desires of your heart in a blink of an eye? What do you truly desire? A closer relationship with your Heavenly Daddy or a life without Him? Let your Heavenly Father, father you starting today. Jesus Christ reconciled us to our Heavenly Father so we can know Him.

Come and rest in your Heavenly Father's arms. Come and be refreshed and nourished. God blesses His people and calls them to further blessings, to abundant blessings. These abundant blessings are in our Heavenly Father. You can only receive them as you walk with God, together, side by side, in a fun-filled stride, taking pleasure in each other.