Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Draw Me Closer

Do you ever meet people who have an inner peace and joy that allows them to laugh instead of cry, even when the world around them is falling apart? I do, and I’m always encouraged. When I ask them where they get their strength from, the answer is always they same – they draw close to Jesus.

Draw me close to You, Lord Jesus.
I want to hear the words of love that you whisper into my heart,
and listen to the songs of encouragement that you sing over me.
I want to feel the quietness that comes with your presence,
and be enveloped in your peace as it enters the room.
I want to smell the sweet fragrance of your holiness,
and delight in your closeness.
I desire to touch the brilliance of your glory,
and see the radiance of your Face.

Please let this be a tangible time together,
so I can experience you with all my heart.
Come, Lord Jesus, come.
Hold me in your mighty arms.
Let me be still before You.
I surrender to You. I give You all that I am,
and all that I have.
I submit my mind, my spirit, my body,
and my soul to You.
I yield to your ways and welcome your wisdom.
But most of all, I just want to be with You.

Speak truth into my heart.
Speak wholeness into my body.
Speak health into my soul.
Speak life into my spirit.
I belong to You, Lord God Almighty,
and I want to know You better.

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